4 Compartment Stainless Steel Sauce Dish

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  • The plate is made of high-quality and non-toxic 304 stainless steel one-piece die-casting, with smooth edges, no burrs, bright surfaces and smooth lines.
  • The design is divided into formats, and a variety of seasonings are placed in a grid, so that you can conveniently use more seasonings when enjoying hot pot without odor.
  • This grid plate is also suitable for holding some auxiliary materials and seasonings when cooking food in the kitchen, such as minced ginger and garlic, green onions, chili rings, etc. Quantitative use, convenient for cooking.
  • This split tray is designed for stackable storage, which will not occupy too much storage space in the cabinet.
  • This stainless steel plate has a smooth surface, is very easy to clean, can be washed, and is also suitable for dishwashers and tableware sterilizers.