5 Piece Cable Organizer Clips

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  • A desk organizer can help you organize and manage cables to keep your space tidy, and from then on, you'll be out of trouble, get work done faster, and be in a good mood every day.
  • Desktop cable organizers are used for cables such as computers in homes, garages, offices, USB cables, cars, desks, power cords, charging cables or mouse cables.
  • Clean and tidy, cables no longer cluttered, cable clips are an easy, convenient solution to manage cables without tangling or cluttering.
  • Comes with soft glue, can be DIY according to your own preferences, simple and convenient, can be used on the wall or table, easy to operate and stick firmly.
  • Easy to install, sticks hard to the wall without drilling holes and won't damage the wall! Suitable for wood, glass, tile, plastic decoration, metal coating and other materials, the surface is hard and smooth.
  • The desktop cable organizer is suitable for small to medium cables
  • It can be adjusted to fit all types of different cables in the home, office and car to meet all your needs.