Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

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A classic and handy hand-held flour sifter, for all your baking needs whether it’s a light sprinkling of powder sugar on your desserts or dusting your work surface with a dash of flour. This manual sifter gives you the best results thanks to its fine mesh bottom that both sifts both fine and course ingredients ranging from cocoa, sugar, powdered spices and herbs and more. Fill it with whatever you desire and squeeze the handle and ingredients will sieve without any clumps.

  • Use the sifted to for flour, sugar, and other fine ingredients for garnishing
  • The mesh bottom is perfect for filtering out those pesky lumps from cocoa powder and confectioner's sugar
  • The easy squeeze trigger action handles make it a breeze to use on more courser ingredients such as oats, and almonds without needed too much force
  • Made of durable, rust-proof steel
  • Great for dusting work surfaces with flour
  • Hand wash for easy maintenance