Window Gap Cleaning Brush

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Color: Ash

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  • Window Groove Cleaning Brush can easily reach into the gap and clean
  • Two pieces of cloth is clipped together which is perfect to clean the sliding track
  • Ultra-fine cleaning cloth have a good cleaning effect and easy to wash.
  • PP material handle, comfortable grip, ergonomic design
  • Scouring pad is detachable, flexible and wear-resistant. They can be used for a long time
  • You can use a dry brush or a wet brush according to the actual situation
  • If it is difficult to remove stubborn stains, you can use a brush dipped in liquid to clean it or use a dry brush before scrubbing
  • No dirty hands, clean and effortless
  • These brushes are small enough to get into the gaps of many hard-to-reach corners
  • They are perfect for removing grease and dirt from window grooves, blinds, air vents, sliding doors for shower doors, fridges, keyboards, sinks etc.
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Ash, Paste